Welcome to Red River Boarding

Ron and Kathy Sahr
Sabin MN. 55600


Pet Health Requirements...

The owner must have written proof that all of the pet's inoculations are current for the following:

Distemper, Parvo, Para Infulenza, Rabies, Bordetella. It is a state law that your pet must have a rabies vaccine if he or she is over three months old.

Canine Cough Bordeteella Vaccine veterinarian verification MUST be presented.

Your Pet must be healthy or have been on medications three days prior to being kenneled.

This kennel facility is exclusive - We don't accept humans!!!

Personal Stuff...

You are welcome to bring personal belongings such as toys or bedding that are washable. Please limit to three items and mark them with your last name. We allow small to medium size crates. Please no large crates.

We are not responsible for any misplaced or soiled articles. Any damages to the facility caused by your pet will be charged to you, the owner of the pet.

Please inform us if your dog is a fence jumper, as we do have runs to accommodate this problem. We are not responsible for lost dogs due to fence jumping. Also inform us if your dog is coming into season, as we can accommodate the area we will be boarding your pet.


It's Supper Time...

Here at Red River Boarding we serve the best gourmet meals for the discriminating pallet at market price! Our chefs recipes or your own may be prepared for the fussy eater.

We furnish pedigree dry dog food or mixed with a little canned tantalizing flavor.

Some owners wish to bring their own entrees', which we welcome for the fussy eaters.

We also serve desserts and bedtime snacks consisting of delicious colorful biscuits of all sizes and flavors, complimented by a delicious rawhide bone if you desire, to help pacify the lights out at night time!

Your pets diet will follow the instructions on the reservation card. Their meals will remain the same as their home diet and eating habits. Clients may bring their own food if they prefer, but the rate remains the same.

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